Battleship Jauréguiberry

The great thing for a historian and gamer is to be involved with a period that is never stale or dry. While most think of World War I as trenches and no-mans-land, for me it is much more. The Great War (the given name at the time) also involved cavalry charges, raiders at sea really great looking warships.

While the new dreadnoughts of the British Grand Fleet and Germany’s High Seas Fleet waited for that grand naval engagement that would settle it once and for all, it was the pre-dreadnoughts that carried out the active duties for their respective navies. The war conducted by the pre-dreadnoughts is more interesting for the armchair admiral and gamer.

Case in point is one of my favorite warships of this period, the French battleship Jauréguiberry. She was active in the Mediterranean through out the war, guarding North Africa convoys and lending its guns to supporting operations ashore.

And her main guns are turreted single gun mounts of the 12” and 10.8” varieties. They also look like they are too big for the ship.

Brassey’s Naval Annual 1897

This is from Wikipedia and d’Ausson,

“After the start of World War I Jauréguiberry was assigned to escort troop convoys between North Africa and France. She also escorted a convoy of Indian troops in September 1914. She was stationed at Bizerte from December 1914 to February 1915 when she sailed to Port Said to become flagship of the Syrian Division. Jauréguiberry departed Port Said on 25 March for the Dardanelles to replace the pre-dreadnoughts Suffren and Bouvet and upon her arrival became the flagship of Admiral Guépratte during the subsequent operations. She provided gunfire support to the troops during the initial landings on 25 April and subsequently until 26 May. She was lightly damaged by Turkish artillery on 30 April and 5 May, but continued to fire her guns as needed.

“Jauréguiberry was recalled to Port Said on 19 July and bombarded Turkish-owned Haifa on 13 August. She resumed her role as flagship of the Syrian Division on 19 August. She participated in the occupation of Ile Rouad on 1 September and other missions off the Syrian coast until she was transferred to Ismailia in January 1916 to assist in the defense of the Suez Canal, although she returned to Port Said shortly afterward. Jauréguiberry was refitted at Malta between 25 November and 26 December 1916, returning to Port Said. She landed some of her guns to help defend the Canal in 1917 and was reduced to reserve in 1918.”

My only disappointment is that she is not modeled in 1/2400 scale. What is nice is Figurehead Ships offers this in 1/6000 scale. Yes that is small, but I can see me adding her to my list of future projects.

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2 Responses to Battleship Jauréguiberry

  1. telzy says:
    has a 1/2400 scale model of the Charles Martel class.
    I don’t know if it is Jauréguiberry or one of the other members of the class. Jauréguiberry is approximately 2.54mm shorter, in scale.

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