Guns for the Table Top

While the Ottomans were lacking in most of the equipment for conducting a modern war, they did not lack in variety of artillery. While many of the pieces should have been housed in museums (and many were) they all gave service in The Great War.

This is a list of the guns used by the Ottoman forces and the miniatures available for the gaming table. This list comes from a number of sources, including Great War Forum and Lovett Artillery Collection.

Currently I have only included Irregular Miniatures, but in the future I will all other manufactures of 15mm artillery.

Ottoman Inventory
These guns were bought before 1914

  • 7.5cm Feldkanone L/30 Krupp M 03 (648 guns)
  • 7.5cm Feldkanone L/30 Krupp M 10 (88 guns – 40 of a lighter model for horse artillery)
  • 7.5cm Gebirgskanone L/14 Krupp M 05 (146 guns)
  • 7.5cm Gebirgskanone L/16 Rheinmetall M 10 (1 battery for test)
  • 7.5cm Gebirgskanone L/16.7 Schneider M.P.D. (108 guns)
  • 15cm Haubitze L/14 Krupp [1905] (18 howitzers)
  • 10.5cm Belagerungskanone L/30 Krupp [1905] (18 guns)
  • British 15pdr Krupp m03/10 (Irregular Miniatures LTD – Gun Type One A)

German Guns delivered during WW1 – 559 in total

  • 7,5cm-Gebirgsgeschütz M 1914 L/16 Rheinmetall (18 guns)
  • 7,7cm Gebirgskanone M 1915 L/17 Rheinmetall (7 batteries)
  • 7.7cm Feldkanone 96 n/A L/27 Krupp/Erhardt (Irregular Miniatures LTD – Gun Type One D)
  • 7.7cm Feldkanone 16 L/35 Rheinmetall (Irregular Miniatures LTD – Gun Type Two A)
  • 10.5cm leichte Feldhaubitze 98/09 L/16 Krupp
  • 10.5cm leichte Feldhaubitze 16 L/22 Rheinmetall
  • 10,5cm-Gebirgshaubitze L/12 Krupp (2 batteries)
  • 15cm schwere Feldhaubitze 13 L/14 (Irregular Miniatures LTD – Gun Type Six E)

Field Gun from Irregular.

Austrian Guns delivered during the WW1
With Eureka’s release of their Austro-Hungarian artillery crews and officers, the Ottomans can add these guns to their forces in Palestine.

  • 7,5cm M. 15 Gebirgskanone Skoda (144 guns)
  • 7cm M. 99 Gebirgskanone (20 guns)
  • 10.5cm M. 16 Gebirgshaubitze Skoda (40 howitzers)
  • 15cm Feldhaubitze M. 14 Skoda (12 howitzers) (Irregular Miniatures LTD – Gun Type Six H)

Old Guns (AKA Museum Pieces)

  • 12cm Haubitze L/11.6 Krupp M. 1892 (72 howitzers) (Irregular Miniatures LTD Gun Type Six D)
  • 7.5cm Feldkanone L/27 Krupp M 1873  (Horse Artillery approx. 120 pieces)
  • 87mm Feldkanone L/24 Krupp M 1873 (500 pieces)
  • 7.5cm Gebirgskanone M 1873 (300 guns)
  • 7cm Gebirgsgeschütz M 1890
  • Krupp 1880 15cm howitzer (Irregular Miniatures LTD – Gun Type Eight D)
  • Japanese Krupp 7cm field gun (Irregular Miniatures LTD – Gun Type Thirty-Eight)

Captured Guns
Many Russian and British guns and some French guns were captured: some of them were used by Turkish Army

Russian 76mm m02 and m02/30 fieldguns (Irregular Miniatures LTD)

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