If the Lord Spares Us

Well today at long last I completed my first game of If the Lord Spares Us, by TOOFATLardies. It was also my way to introduce my long time gaming friend Tim, into these World War I rules.

This was a simple scenario from the Summer 2009 Special by Nick Skinner, Attack on Camp El Juba. It is a simple, as far as the British are concerned, mopping up operation against a battalion of Ottoman Arabs. The British were so confident that they didn’t even think they would need machine guns.

The British entered the table on a wide front advancing in line against the two Turkish positions. It was not long, on this flat battlefield, before both sides were spotted. Unfortunately, the British were in machine gun range quickly, and they had problems advancing through the flying lead. Eventually, after a lot of rallying, the 2/5th Loamshires was able to bring the Turks into rifle range. Slowly they were able to advance into close combat. The fight went to two rounds with the Turks retreating.

Within site of the Loamshires, the Arab troops rallied and counter charged. While this looks good in the movies, it was not a reasonable thing for Hamid Bey to do. They were unsuccessful in attacking and retreated off the table. As a side note, their commander was able to remove his baggage before leaving. That was a close one.

Unfortunately the 112th Mahrattas were not as lucky. Their advance against the single company with a machine gun was a failure. General Wobbler, spent most of his time trying to keep them moving. They never did get very far on the table.

As victories go, it was very costly for the British, losing half of the Loamshires. They will have to rest up here before moving farther upriver.

As always, I took too few pictures. Here is what little I have for such a fun game.

The Battlefield

The 112th Mahrattas running for the table edge.

The Ottoman Arabs, about to receive a flank attack from the 2/5th Loamshires.

The 2/5th Loamshires watching the Turks run away (for now).

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