Persian Cossack Brigade

With the release of Irregular Miniatures new Ottomans for The Great War I have had some time to catch up on my reading. It is interesting that as General Townshend was marching on Bagdad and the disaster at Kut, forces were operating on the flanks that should have had an impact of this failed operation.

One of the flank operations was the dispatch of Russian cavalry on the road from Tabriz to Bagdad. While I can find little on this and other operations in Persia, I did come across this unit on Wikipedia.

Well as a gamer, I had no choice. I was putting together an order for figures from Irregular so adding a few Russians and Cossacks added little concern. And Irregular has so nice job of posting images of their Cossacks and they look a lot like those from Wikipedia.

Now I know some out there are saying that Wikipedia is not a good source of information. Well while I am waiting on the volume of the Official History of the Great War – Persia I have to make do with what I can find. I have also had some luck on the different Great War forums.

For now, I am treating the brigade in 1915 as an under strength unit of two regiments of four squadrons (of three stands) each. Add in regimental and brigade command stands and I have a unit to take the war to the Turks in If the Lord Spares Use. In 1916 the brigade was expanded to a division of 8,000. I see this as a unit of two brigades with two regiments of four squadrons (of four stands) each. Currently they will have little access to machine guns or artillery.

I look forward to continuing my research and we will have to see what trouble they can get into.

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