New Turkish Troops

Our friends at Irregular Miniatures LTD, announced today the release of ten new sets of Turkish troops for World War I

  • WW1 Turkish infantry advancing
  • WW1 Turkish infantry kneeling firing
  • WW1 Turkish infantry officer
  • WW1 Turkish HMG & 2 crew
  • WW1 Turkish cavalry with lance and carbine
  • WW1 Turkish cavalry with sabre and carbine
  • WW1 Turkish dismounted cavalry kneeling holding carbine
  • WW1 Turkish cavalry horse holder and horse
  • WW1 turkish field gun & 4 crew
  • WW1 turkish howitzer & 4 crew

If you add in the troops from their Balkan Wars line a gamer will have a nice look force to bring to battle.

Once I receive them, I will post images of the figures.

Thank you Ian

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2 Responses to New Turkish Troops

  1. Ken Lee says:

    Hello jony663,

    Thanks for info about new range, do you know if there is any Imperial troops for the Middle east on the way from Irregular.

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