SS Hirano Maru

When I started this blog I was thinking to make this deal with the campaigns involving the Ottoman Empire. Than while waiting for a shipment of figures to arrive I picked up a book on a whim. Not always a good thing.

It was A CLASH OF EMPIRES The South Wales Borderers at Tsingtao, 1914, by John Dixon. It does involve a unit that will see service in the Middle East, I just never realized it was going to enlarge my interests outside of the Ottoman Empire.

So today my tweet deals with the loss of a Japanese merchant off of the Ireland. Of the 340 passengers and crew 292 were lost.

From an Irish newspaper, “Nothing was known about the eight whose bodies were washed ashore between 4th and 29th November 1918 and recorded in the Burial Register of Dale Parish Church. Because of the uncertainty of their identity, the War Graves Commission was unable to maintain the grave. The Memorial Cross was erected by the people of Dale.”

The SS Hirano Maru was carrying “general cargo”. While the cargo was of an unknown nature she was in a designated war zone and under the rule of war, (Are there really rules in war?) a viable target.

The UB-91 was a class UB-III U-boat that made two patrols sinking 4 ships for over 14,500 tons including the American Coast Guard Cutter Tampa.





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One Response to SS Hirano Maru

  1. Mark Cranston says:

    Hello – I too am interested in the Hirano Maru and her fate. My Great Great Uncle, John Whellans Cranston b. 01/04/1878, Hawick in Scotland, went down with the ship while on a business trip to Japan. He had been at least twice before but I can find no record of the type of work he was involved in other that he was a commercial traveller. He left a wife, Bessie ( Elizabeth?) and a daughter Jessie (Janet?) but I have been unable to trace their family although it is believed they ended up in the Edinburgh area. If any one has any information regarding this then I would be extremely gratefully indeed.

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