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Our Simple Town

Here is an aerial view of the town. It could be in Palestine, Mesopotamia or The Back of Beyond. I wonder what aircraft the British are bringing to the fight? The Turks are sorely deficient in aircraft. I wonder if … Continue reading

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Falcon Figures

I am very pleased with latest releases from Falcon Figures UK. These two 15mm resign Middle Eastern buildings are a useful addition for any battlefields were adobe buildings could be found. They could be found on the battlefields of Mexico … Continue reading

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Are Palm Trees Orange?

I know this is a weird question, but at Fall In most of the palm trees that came with the pre-made terrain have sickly orange trunks and lime green palms. I understand that I can paint mine, and I will, … Continue reading

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Persian Cossack Brigade

With the release of Irregular Miniatures new Ottomans for The Great War I have had some time to catch up on my reading. It is interesting that as General Townshend was marching on Bagdad and the disaster at Kut, forces … Continue reading

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If the Lord Spares Us

The Great War is famously known for the mud and gore (you thought I was going to say blood) of the trenches from the channel to the border with Switzerland. This is a modern conflict with very little interest in … Continue reading

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Future Projects

When I started this blog, I wanted to keep you, the listeners, informed about my future projects. While my intention is always to make a little money through sales, I want to keep my readers interested enough to come back. … Continue reading

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In Honor of Von Lettow-Vorbeck

This is a post and tweet dealing with one of the most successful guerrilla leaders in history. I also love the look of the SPI classic. Sideshow: The Campaign for German East Africa 1914-1918

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Resource for WWI Aircraft

World War I Aviation, both the site and the blog are great resources for those interested in World War I aerial combat. I am very grateful that he has a page directed towards Turkish aircraft, and I all time favorite, … Continue reading

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2nd Gaza

One of the reasons why I became interested in The Great War in the East was the two battles around Gaza. The 2nd and 3rd Battles of Gaza are so different they should be considered as two different campaigns.

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New Turkish Troops

Our friends at Irregular Miniatures LTD, announced today the release of ten new sets of Turkish troops for World War I WW1 Turkish infantry advancing WW1 Turkish infantry kneeling firing WW1 Turkish infantry officer WW1 Turkish HMG & 2 crew … Continue reading

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