My Work Shop

My day job is done mostly in our den off of our bedroom. (ok too much information) My second job, and the one I am hoping you are all interested in is done here in our large basement.

I was able to acquire the tables from a company that was moving. So my only major cost was for the lead and paints.

I have table for shipping as well as photography. I also have a raised table for playtesting. This allows for both photography and playtesting before publishing the PDFs.

Library is upstairs, or were ever the laptop or iPad is at.

Projects that I am working on:

  • Brigadier General W.S. Delamain landing at Fao
  • AeroNef Version of the campaigns in Mesopotamia
  • Building a Brigade for If the Lord Spares Us rule set by TOOFATLardies

Please let me know your thoughts.

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