5” 1895 Howitzer

This piece of ordinance was useful in the Sudan and South Africa at the turn of the century. It is my conjecture that the pieces used by the Sharifian Army in Arabia came from stock found in Egypt. (As any fan of the movie Lawrence of Arabia can tell you that the British were against giving the Arabs Field Artillery. I guess this does not count.)

The Arab Southern Army had four artillery batteries assigned to it. My assumption is the the British 5″ Howitzer was used by them in the siege against Medina.

Irregular Miniatures offers this model in their Really Useful Guns line. According to the website, this can be used by British, Russian, Sharifian, and Indian forces. From the picture below I also think it was used by ANZAC troops.

I offer this on my products page. Please specify crew type.

Information came from among other sources, wikipedia.

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